consulting Services


  • New Product, Machine and Manufacturing Design, Planning and Protocols
  • Improving Existing Designs, Planning and Protocols
  • Evolving an Idea into a  Design, Prototype, Testing, Tooling, Cost Analysis and Manufacturing
  • Material Expertise with Aluminum, Magnesium, Steel, Plastic and Carbon Fiber
  • Sustainable Design
  • Project Management and Execution within Deadlines
  • Process Standardization and Optimization
  • Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking
  • Research and Establish New Patents
  • Fixture and Tooling Design and Improvement
  • Design of Forging, Lathing and Milling Tooling
  • Design of Retail, Shipping and Consumer Packaging Emphasizing Sustainability
  • Layout of Production Facility Floor Plans, Selection of Machines, Tooling and Work Stations
  • Design Quality Control QC Systems Including Requirements, Protocols, Fixtures and Documentation
  • Creating Assembly Systems including Product Assembly, Decal Installation, Serial Number Systems, Product Cleaning, Packing and Shipping
  • Expertise in Stamping, Milling, Lathing, Grinding, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Buffing, Heat Treating
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control QC Staff Training
  • Creating Proprietary Wheel Building Systems, Fixtures and Techniques


  • Solidworks 3D
  • Alibre 3D
  • Fusion 360 3D
  • Prototype 3D Printing FDM
  • AutoCAD
  • ProGe CAD
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Docs


  • Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University